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Car Suspension System

We fit and / or replace the following:

  • Ball Joints
  • Draglinks
  • Idler Arms
  • Lower control arm bushes
  • Pitman Arm
  • Steering rack
  • Tie-rods
  • Wheel Bearings

Suspension System Diagnosis

Large amounts of money are often wasted on suspension "repairs" due to  incorrect diagnosis and thus replacement of parts which are not the real causes for the  encountered trouble.

Our highly qualified, well experienced mechanics are saving customers – our own, as well as many ‘drop-ins’ seeking solutions for unresolved problems - money by not having to use endless trial and error methods to fix their suspension problems”.

The following can be used as Guidelines for solving suspension problems:

(Symptoms and Possible Causes)

Front End
  • Whines when turning
    • Wheel bearing damaged or worn
    • Incorrect wheel alignment
    • Worn tyres
  • Growl or grinding when turning
    • Wheel bearing  damaged or worn
    • Defective engine mounting
    • Incorrect wheel alignment
    • CV Joint damaged
    • Loose wheel nuts
    • Worn tyres
  • Whine when driving at a constant speed
    • Wheel bearing damaged or worn
    • Incorrect wheel alignment
    • Bearings / trans-axle gears damaged
    • Worn tyres
  • Growl or grinding noise when driving at a constant speed
    • Defective  engine mounting
    • CV joint damaged
  • Clunk or snap noise when turning
    • Faulty tie-rod, ball joint, control arm bushes or strut mounting
    • CV joint  damaged
    • Wheel nuts and / or bolts loose
Bad Road Holding
  • Incorrect wheel alignment
  • Worn wheel bearings
  • Worn control arm bushes
  • Friction in steering rack or strut bearing
  • Incorrect tyre pressure
  • Defective shocks
Lateral Pull or thrust pull
  • Incorrect wheel alignment
  • Wheel braking
  • Power steering gear imbalance
  • Tyre pressure unequal
  • Radial tyre lead
Excessive Steering Effort
  • Steering rack needs lubricant
  • Steering gear malfunction
  • Power steering pump belt loose
  • Tyre pressure incorrect

BBBEE Compliant